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There are a lot of stigmas that go along with Designer or Hybrid Dogs. Terms like Puppy Mills are often labelled alongside in an effort to discredit legitimate cross-breed breeders.

I wonder if purebred breeders know where their breeds come froRed Goldendoodlem. Do Golden Retriever breeders know that they originated as a mix of:

Water Spaniel


Irish Setter


St John's Waterdog

If that's not a "mutt", what is? Much like the creation of any new breed, intentional breeders choose desired traits that appear in puppies, and continue breeding with dogs of other desired traits to produce desired puppies.

What breeders of Hybrid Dogs have figured out is that the most ideal traits are showing up right from the first generation of puppies. True, there may be differences in size, coat type, and level of how Hypoallergenic  they are. What is consistent though, is that the temperament AND health of the cross-bred dogs is increased from both lines of the parents. This is called Hybrid Vigor.

There are two lines of breeders in the world of Designer Dogs. One line breeds "the true Hybrid", and the other line works to create a "new breed". The new breed dogs are usually created by breeding two crossbred dogs of the same breeds together. These puppies are typically called "multigens".

If you are trying to understand what the letters and numbers mean beside hybrid dog names, here's a shortlist:

    F1 means First Generation. A purebred mother and father from different dog breeds bred together.

     F1b means First Generation Backcross. One parent is an F1; the other is a purebred dog from one of the same breeds as the mother.

     F2 means Second Generation. Both parents are F1s

     F2b means Second Generation Backcross. One parent is an F2; the other parent is a breed from further up the line (either an F1, or a purebred.)

After this, you may find some breeders labelling with F3 or F4. Otherwise, any level is called a multigen meaning multi-generational.

Often, these dogs are created by having a poodle cross with whichever breed they are working with. Poodles have hypoallergenic  qualities. Large portions of the population who have allergies to dogs are able to be around poodles. This may be the reason there are so many Designer Dog Breeds out there.

Once again, hypoallergenic  is another term attempting to be discredited. True, there is no dog out there that SOMEONE is not allergic to. That is not what hypoallergenic  means. Please learn more about this great phrase and what it can mean to you.

So what makes a Designer Dog different from a standard cross breed? The first step is to have a successful cross breed. This would mean the puppies have desirable traits, and those traits are reproducible. The second step is having those puppies be desired by the general public.

The question that may be asked is "What use is a breed of dog if it doesn't meet some need in mankind?"

Whether it is for service, hunting, ranching, companionship, protection, or friend, any successful breed finds its role in the human world.

With being excellent service dogs, companions, and family friends, Designer Dogs really are claiming a starring role in North America.

What does it mean to be Designer Dogs? Does it mean that they are owned by Celebrities? Are they  a passing fad? Does it mean you can carry them in your purse?

The term Designer Dogs has only been around within the last decade. Basically, it describes "intentionally breeding two different breeds of purebred dogs to obtain desired results."  The term for this is Hybrid Dogs. This means getting your dog and the neighbour's dog together still just creates a "mutt".


Designer Dogs and Their Role in Our Society

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