Aah, the excitement of Christmas morning. Children creeping down the stairs, Mom and Dad waiting with anticipation for the looks on their faces as they see that perfect Christmas present – a new puppy! The joy! The excitement! And then it hits…

The kids turn to play with a toy as little rover finds the new teddy bear. That book Dad has been waiting months for is shredded. Mom goes off to prepare dinner while the puppy finds grandma’s slippers to, well,… you know what. Within an hour that sweet new puppy has turned from a joy to a frustration.

Christmas is an amazing time of year. Puppies are a great addition to your family. Mixing the two can prove to be disastrous. I am certain if you spend some time online, you will find a never ending list of reasons NOT to bring a puppy home on Christmas Day. The biggest reason I can think of to sum them all up is: Preparation.

One of the things you will do before bringing your puppy home is get down on your knees and see things from Her world to determine what she can get into and either injure herself or damage your things. Inevitably, there are things you will not think of that the new puppy will show you in short order.  It can be very difficult to keep her safe with the distractions of the holiday. Forgetting to roll up the rug before it was peed on may be frustrating, but a puppy who gets into a poinsettia or a box of chocolates while no one’s watching could prove fatal.

The other side of preparation is for your puppy. Coming into a new home is scary. Leaving behind your mama and siblings is a lot to deal with. Your first day home with your puppy should be a quiet one, with little else distracting. It is a time of adjustment for your newest family member.  Adding to that the extra lights and sounds of Christmas, plus not getting the TLC from your new family because they are so distracted makes it much harder. Bring extended family into the picture, and your first few days together will NOT be the dream holiday that you have in mind.

So, where am I going with all of this? Well, there is still a way that you can give your children the excitement of a puppy for Christmas. AND you can give them the joy of anticipation of watching their own little puppy grow! This is the joy of puppies born in December. By choosing to adopt a puppy into your family, you can wrap the ‘surprise’ in any creative way you had like. Then, beginning on Christmas, your kids can enjoy the entire process of photos, videos, and shopping for their new puppy. They will enjoy the entire experience!!

Waiting for your puppy to arrive can be some of the most fun your family has had in years. We will enjoy working with you at every step of the journey helping you make the most out of your decision to adopt a puppy now, and in all the years to come!

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