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Will you require your puppy to be shipped to you?

Do you have children?

If yes, what are the names, genders and ages of your kids?

Please describe your family. Are you quiet? Energetic? Etc.:

Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs?

Please describe the severity of their allergies? Include how important it is to you that your dog be hypoallergenic.

Does anyone in your family have special needs that may affect their relationship with their pet?

If yes, please explain:

What type of home do you live in?  (Acreage, Farm, House)

Where will your dog spend most of its time?

Will anyone be home during the day most days with your puppy?

If yes, please explain:

How large is your yard?

Is your yard fenced?

If no, how do you plan to contain your dog?

Do you plan on taking your puppy to obedience classes?

If No, how do you plan on training your puppy?

Do you plan on crate training your puppy?

Do you plan on BARF Feeding your puppy?

Do you plan on vaccinating your puppy?

Do you plan on breeding your dog?

Do you have other pets in your home?

If yes, please describe.

Please tell me a bit about why you are choosing to adopt a puppy.

Why have you chosen to adopt a goldendoodle?

Are you interested in an F1 or F1b goldendoodle?

If your first choice of F1 or F1b is not available, would you rather wait for a future litter, or be willing to consider a substitution?

Though this form does not need to be filled out in order to reserve a puppy, we request that you complete it before your litter is born. If the litter you are inquiring about is already born, please fill this out as soon as possible. The more time we have to learn about you and your family, the better match we can make to your puppy.

Please remember, the answers to these questions are to help us understand you and your needs. The more information you can share with us, the happier you will be with your puppy. Please do not be concerned with the “right” answer. Simply answer the questions based on your family. There is no right or wrong family.

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